Firm Wants To Spread Tyson Waste On Farms

by 5m Editor
9 October 2007, at 10:08am

US - A Russellville waste disposal firm has asked the state to allow it to apply food waste on four farms west and south of this northeast Carroll County community.

State environmental regulators will hold a hearing on the proposal at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 18, at the Green Forest Depot meeting room at 800 Broadway.

Persons who attended a pizza party thrown by Terra Resource Services of Russellville Tuesday say they were told that wastes would be from the Tyson Food plants at Green Forest and Berryville.

The permit would allow spreading of "liquid post-processing food waste, residuals, and DAF skimmings; post-processing animal and pet food waste; poultry processing water; grease trap waste; feed and grain mill waste; hatchery waste and pretreatment waste and residues.

The 1,455 acres to receive Terra Resource waste are identified in the draft permit by the last names of the owners: A. Hale, T. Ferguson, J. Hale and H. Norris.

Source: HarrisonDailyTimes

5m Editor