Poultry Industry Has Lowest Incidence Of Injuries And Illnesses

by 5m Editor
26 October 2007, at 10:21am

US - New U.S. Labor Department statistics show the poultry industry last year (2006) reached a record low for employee injuries and illnesses. Richard Lobb, communications director of the National Chicken Council, says the rate was 6-point-6 per 100 employees, below food manufacturing jobs and slightly above manufacturing jobs in general…

"Not long ago we were probably about twice the rate of manufacturing as a whole. So we're getting very close to being on a par with all types of manufacturing. So the trend is certainly in the right direction."

Lobb says the poultry industry has been working hard to bring down the rate of injury and illness. Help begins when symptoms present themselves, say, from repetitive motion work.

"You can step in there and have employees do some things differently. Maybe rotate him to a different job so that different muscles are being used - things of that nature - so that you avoid the onset of a carpal tunnel sort of problem."

Source: BrownField

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