Christmas Turkeys to Cost 25pc More

by 5m Editor
27 November 2007, at 9:35am

IRELAND - The sharp lift in food prices this year will be carried through to the Christmas table, as poultry producers insist that turkeys for the festive season will be far dearer.

Turkey growers maintain that retail prices will have to rise by as much as 25pc if they are to make a realistic margin.

Higher feed and fuel prices have been blamed for the price hike. Wheat is the main constituent of poultry feed, and the doubling in harvest prices this autumn is now being passed on by growers.

Similarly, the cost of heating poultry sheds has risen sharply, as gas prices have risen by around 8pc since the spring.

Tom O'Driscoll of Grove Farm, one of the country's leading poultry processors, said the extent of price increases for consumers will depend on the view taken by retailers.


5m Editor