Decatur Poultry Plants Awaits TB Test Results

by 5m Editor
7 November 2007, at 9:34am

US - After all 849 employees at Wayne Farm's poultry plant were tested for tuberculosis, state health officials are awaiting results of exams to see if more workers have active cases of the disease.

Employees at the Decatur plant were tested after a former employee was hospitalized with highly contagious active TB disease.

Since then, only one employee has been identified as having active TB, but doctors haven't evaluated the X-rays of 165 employees who tested positive for the infection to see if they have developed the more serious form.

The Decatur Daily reports today that both of the people who have active TB cases are Hispanic and were born outside of the United States. A majority of the people being tested are foreign born.

Source: Wsfa

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