Poultry Consumption Rising in Australia

by 5m Editor
7 March 2008, at 9:33am

AUSTRALIA - A recent survey has revealed that Australia's annual per capital poultry meat consumption is set to rise by more than one kilogram per head per year, to 40.5kg by 2012-13.

According to the news agency Food Week Online, Abare has forecast that by that time, annual domestic production will have climbed 9% on 2007-08 levels, to 940,000 tonnes.

Retail poultry prices next financial year are likely to be around this year's level, $5.36/kg, according to the Abare Outlook report, to be published in Rural Press agricultural weeklies.

In the medium term, Abare expects poultry prices to ease by 8% (in 2007-8 dollars) as productivity gains and lower grain prices lift the meat's competiveness.

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5m Editor