Poultry Enquiry Refused

by 5m Editor
7 March 2008, at 9:45am

AUSTRALIA - Primary Industries Minister David Llewellyn has declined to call an inquiry into animal welfare or salmonella concerns at Pitt's poultry farm despite calls in Parliament yesterday to do so.

According to the the news agency, Mercury, Mr Llewellyn said the footage taken by an animal activist at the Oyster Cove farm was disturbing but his department advised him there were no issues at the site.

He said the conditions shown would be against Tasmanian law.

"Media coverage . . . may have left the impression that the disturbing images, and I believe they were disturbing, of chickens in very poor health are examples of normal industry practice," Mr Llewellyn said.

He said the images of dying birds were not representative of Pitt's or other farms.

"It certainly would not satisfy the requirements of Tasmanian law. I am still waiting to receive further reports about this," he said.

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