Poultry Farms Registration Launched

by 5m Editor
3 March 2008, at 10:33am

PAKISTAN - A country-wide campaign for the registration of poultry farms has been launched with an aim to provide maximum security against bird flu outbreak.

Animal Husbandry Commissioner Dr R H Usmani said that according to an estimate there were about 25,800 poultry farms producing large scale as well as small scale poultry products like meat, eggs and poultry breeding.

He said that the campaign was initiated in all four provinces including AJK which would collect data about the status of all farms existing at district level.

He informed that a number of rapid response teams consisting three doctors with highly trained, fully equipped teams would provide proper education to farmers about safety and security measures including vaccination of birds and adoption of safety measures for workers, working inside the farms.

Source: ThePost

5m Editor