Tasting the Consequence of GM Animal Feeds

by 5m Editor
11 March 2008, at 11:08am

EU - A new report on the use of genetically modified organisms in animal feed has been published in a scientific journal.

This issue has been the subject of much discussion in the GMO evaluation process. EFSA’s GMO Panel decided to evaluate existing practice and use of such trials. Following an online public consultation on the draft Report last year, it has made recommendations on their use in the evaluation process.

The safety assessment of GM plants and derived food and feed follows the approach widely accepted by international organisations such as the FAO/WHO, Codex Alimentarius and the OECD.

It is based on comparison with conventional counterparts to identify intended and unintended differences. The Report argues that this remains an appropriate basis for deciding whether animal feeding trial studies are needed for the safety and nutritional assessment of GM food and feed.

Further Reading

More information - You can view the full report by clicking here.

5m Editor