Management is Key in Zambia

by 5m Editor
28 April 2008, at 9:15am

ZAMBIA - In Zambia there is a saying which states: “The foundation on which something is established determines how good or bad the product will be.”

According to the Times of Zambia, the same principle applies in poultry production. The chicks that start well will certainly give the best results because if the base of any business, be it farming or manufacturing, is strong, success is inevitable.

They say it is good to note that there is even a moderate climate which can best be adapted in Zambia by birds, specifically chicken of all ages.

Only in winter when the atmospheric temperature goes down and cool breeze frequents the poultry houses, the chicks may get chilled. During the rainy season also, the increase in relative humidity is the other concern that needs attention, otherwise irrespective of weather, provision of correct brooding temperature is of paramount importance in the management of young chicks.

Just as children need particular essentials for them to grow up well without falling ill, the chicks also need basic requirements. These are warmth, fresh air, clean water and feed and the success of a poultry farmer will, therefore, depend on how best he provides these essentials in order to keep the chicks comfortable.

You can view the Times of Zambia story by clicking here.

5m Editor