Multifan 130 Installed in South Korean Breeder Houses

by 5m Editor
15 April 2008, at 12:35pm

NETHERLANDS - The local Multifan dealer has successfully overseen the instalation of Multifan 130 fans in several breeder houses in South Korea.

The exisiting fans, a mixture of different brands, needed replacing before the end of their expected service life.

These fans regularly broke down, mainly due to water infiltrating fan and motor exposing the customer to a high degree of risk due to the fully enclosue nature of the buildings.

Following the contact with Vostermans Ventilation, a solution was found involving installation of the Multifan 130 at a specific angle, as had also been done with the previous fans, a requirement of the building construction.

The most important reasons for the customer choosing Multifan were durability and the associated reduction of risk.

5m Editor