Egg prices in Qatar May Finally Fall

by 5m Editor
22 May 2008, at 8:46am

QATAR - Prices of eggs in the local market are expected to fall as Qatar has lifted the ban on import of poultry products from Saudi Arabia.

According to the Peninsula Egg prices in Qatar had more than doubled after the ban was imposed on November 15 following reports of a bird flu outbreak in certain parts of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia had been a major exporter of poultry products to Qatar, particularly eggs. The ban led to a severe shortage of eggs in the local market causing the prices to shoot up. A similar ban imposed on import of Indian eggs contributed to the price hike.

A crate of 30 eggs which was priced about QR13 before the ban now costs between QR20 to QR23. Eggs produced in the local farms were not enough to meet the high demand from customers.

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5m Editor