Seal of Excellence Awarded to Magnolia Chicken

by 5m Editor
12 May 2008, at 9:34am

PHILIPPINES - Magnolia Chicken was recently awarded the Seal of Excellence by the National Commission for Meat Establishments and Technology (NACOMEAT).

According to the Manila Bulletin, it was the only brand in the Hall of Fame rank that received the prestigious honor this year.

The brand has won in the Best Meat Establishment category more than five times, elevating it to the Hall of Fame in 2003, a result of meeting the standards of the NACOMEAT. "Maintaining our Seal of Excellence feats for years to come would prove that the plants indeed are exemplary and thus, emulated by other plants. Of course, this means reassuring consumers about the quality and safety of Magnolia Chicken products," reports Vic Antonio, VP for Operations.

Year 2007 was a banner period for the country’s outstanding chicken, both in terms of food safety and quality management system. The company embarked on a series of programs that implemented better food safety management and to work on achieving the coveted ISO 22000.

The Magnolia San Fernando plant, which processes the chicken products, has maintained and even surpassed high industry ratings to merit the Seal of Excellence award. In previous years, the distinction was given to the cleanest plant but the award has since evolved to include environmental management and operating permits for local government.

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5m Editor