Six Risks to Nepal Districts: Bordering on Bird Flu

by 5m Editor
23 May 2008, at 10:46am

NEPAL - Avian Influenza Control Project has said at least six Neppali districts bordering India are at risk of bird flu, local media reported on Friday.

According to Manas Kumar Banerjee, coordinator of Avian Influenza Control Project of Epidemiology and Disease Control Division under Ministry of Health and Population, Jhapa, Ilam, Panchthar, Taplejung, Sunsari and Morang districts are at risk of the flu, a leading website,, reported.

"There is embargo on the import of poultry items but despite the ban, items like white eggs which are found only in India are also found in the local market of the mentioned districts," said Banerjee.

He said that animal health and human health units of the government have been focusing on warning people against the risk of flu.

He said the government is equipped with Personal Protective Equipment. "We also have a stock of antiviral medicine called Tamiflu that is needed in case any human gets infection by flu," he said.

5m Editor