Arkansas Poultry Ban

by 5m Editor
26 June 2008, at 7:52am

MEXICO - The Mexican Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Livestock has banned the import of poultry from Arkansas.

The ban follows detection of an outbreak of low-pathogenic avian flu in the US state, according to an official source in China.

A ministry statement yesterday said, "The precautionary ban is to avoid the risk of introducing the pathogenic agent into national territory."

The ban covers all poultry products and derivatives, including egg-based preparations, meat, carcasses, pastes and offals. Imports of fertile eggs, birds up to three days of age, singing birds, ornamental birds, messenger pigeons and birds of prey are also forbidden.

The ministry added that technical staff from both countries are working together in reviewing the case, and that trade will resume once the outbreak is controlled, the ministry said.

5m Editor