Chicken Litter is a Valuable Fertiliser

by 5m Editor
17 July 2008, at 10:02am

BARBADOS - For many it is an malodorous waste or an environmental problem but one specialist sees litter as a valuable fertiliser.

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture's representative in Barbados, Joseph Peltier, sees it as a great opportunity for local farmers to make money producing an organic fertiliser, reports NationNews.

Economist and development specialist Mr Peltier proposed the idea at a meeting of the Centre for the Development of Enterprise (CDE) at Christ Church.

He said that Barbados was producing about 20 million chickens a year, with a bird requiring four to five kilogrammes of feed to bring it to maturity. "You are talking about 50 million kilogrammes of chicken litter," he said.

He told the meeting that this fertiliser could be used for the sugar industry and for vegetable farming. It could even be exported.

"It is an enormous opportunity for the Barbados Egg and Poultry Association to get involved as a private entity - to produce organic fertiliser," Mr Peltier said.

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5m Editor