Government Supports Farmers to Lower Chicken Price

by 5m Editor
11 July 2008, at 11:32am

CAMEROON - The government has offered the poultry industry financial support worth one billion African francs (XAF; currently US$2.4 million).

The agreement was signed by Louis Paul Motaze (Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development) and Ahmadou Moussa (President of the Poultry Farmers Association, IPAVIC), reports Cameroon Radio Television.

The loan is for the importation of fertilised eggs to meet the demand for day-old chicks by local farmers.

In addition, the government has offered a grant of XAF221 million ($530,000) to IPAVIC.

Poultry farmers will re-pay half of the XAF1.2 billion after two years.

The Minister explained that the aim of the support is to reduce the price of 2-kg chicken to XAF2000 ($4.80) by the end of the year.

View the Cameroon Radio Television story by clicking here.

5m Editor