Heat Wave To Extend Rendering Plant Working

by 5m Editor
15 July 2008, at 8:06am

US - Temperatures of 110ºF have caused high mortality in poultry and livestock in part of California.

Hanford Sentinel reports that a local emergency may be declared in Kings County following the latest heat wave.

Temperatures last week reached 110ºF, killing an 'extraordinarily high' number of livestock and poultry, according to local health officials. The region's rendering facilities have been unable to cope with the number of carcasses.

The resulting accumulation of carcasses poses a public health hazard, so the Kings County Department of Public Health has proposed an emergency declaration to relax regulatory restrictions at Waste Management's Kettleman Hills Facility.

This would allow for the disposal of liquefied carcasses and extend operational hours.

View the Hanford Sentinel story by clicking here.

5m Editor