ALPI Reveals Poultry Plant Plans

by 5m Editor
19 August 2008, at 11:43am

RUSSIA - Krasnoyarsk Association of Trade and Agro-industrial Organizations (ALPI) has disclosed details of the project to construct of 15 turkey plants in different regions of Russia.

These complete-cycle enterprises will be united into a new agro-industrial complex producing turkey meat, according to Kommersant.

The holding will annually produce 300,000 tons of poultry meat.

Investments in the project are estimated at US$2.6 billion (€1.67 billion). The project will be financed from banking credits (50 per cent of the total sum of investments), subsidized loans and own funds (30 per cent). The implementation and payback periods are seven years each.

At present, turkey meat production amounts to 100,000-200,000 tons in Russia, including 30,000 tons produced by the company Sibirskaya Guberniya, which is part of ALPI. The project will enable ALPI to raise turkey meat production by a factor of ten.

5m Editor