Poultry Forum Aims for Self-Sufficiency

by 5m Editor
8 August 2008, at 7:23am

GAMBIA - Around 50 poultry farmers held a one-day consultative forum on developing the poultry industry in the country.

The forum, on 3 August at the Wellingara agricultural centre, was organised by working groups of different poultry farmers’ associations in collaboration with the National Agricultural Development Agency (NADA) and the Department of Veterinary and Extension Services, according to the country's Daily Observer.

The participants discussed the problems and challenges facing the poultry industry and came up with priority action points for the revitalisation of the industry in the short- and medium-term.

In his opening remarks, Musa Dampha, director of Extension Services, said the forum was crucial as it brought together stakeholders in the poultry industry.

He continued that NADA’s objective is to transform the agricultural sector from a subsistence low-input production system to a more commercially oriented and large-scale industry in line with Vision 2020 goals.

“This forum is indeed a step in the right direction as NADA’s key objective is to make The Gambia attain food self-sufficiency,” he said. He emphasised that it is through such dialogue that the problems facing the industry can be tackled. Mr Dampha also called for public-private sector partnership.

Ngane Thomas, chairman of the occasion, thanked participants for their turnout, noting that the forum would yield positive knowledge crucial to the poultry industry’s development in the country. Other speakers at the ceremony included poultry farmer, Babucarr Boye. Dr Kebba Daffeh, director of Veterinary Services, delivered the closing address.

5m Editor