Ample Supplies of Meat and Eggs for Festival Season

MALAYSIA - Consumers need not worry about shortages of meat and poultry during the festive season as the Veterinary Services Department has taken steps to ensure that supplies of chicken, beef, mutton and eggs meet the additional demand during the Hari Raya [Eid] season.
calendar icon 10 September 2008
clock icon 3 minute read

New Straits Times reports that VSD director-general, Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Jamaluddin, said the supply of chicken would increase by three per cent, with 9.54 million chickens available during the week of Hari Raya [the Malay term for the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Fitr].

The week before Hari Raya and after Hari Raya will see a supply of 9.26 million and 9.60 million chickens, respectively.

Farm prices for chicken will average out to 5.10 ringgits (MYR) per kilo while retail prices will be MYR7.30 per kilo for standard category chicken (with feet, head, liver and gizzards) to MYR8.20 per kilo for super category chicken (without feet, head, liver and gizzard).

However, the prices would be confirmed by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry at least a week before Hari Raya, said Dr Abdul Aziz.

To mitigate the possibility of the price of chicken increasing, the government had allowed for the import of as much as 20,000 tonnes of chicken from Thailand and China.

Dr Abdul Aziz said supply of eggs was expected to rise by six per cent to 23.5 million eggs a day during the festive season, compared with 22.2 million eggs a day normally.

The retail price of eggs will be 38 sen, 37 sen, 36 sen and 35 sen per egg for Grade A, B, C and D, respectively. For beef and buffalo meat, supply would be increased by 27 per cent to 21,942 tonnes starting from the fasting month.

About 5,000 tonnes will be made up of local meat supply, while the rest will be imported.

He said the farm prices for cows and buffaloes were expected to be about MYR6-7 per kilo while retail prices would be about MYR20-26 per kilo for local meat and MYR10-MYR14 per kilo for imported meat.

The supply of mutton is expected to increase during the fasting month by about 10 per cent to reach 2,361 tonnes, out of which 235 tonnes would be local mutton and the rest imported.

The farm price of goats is expected to be MYR16-20 per kilo, while the retail price during the festive season will be MYR25-30 per kilo for local meat and MYR18-20 for imported meat.

Dr Abdul Aziz said his department would work hand in hand with the ministry to ensure that the prices of such items remain reasonable during the festive season.

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