Interest in Hubbard's 'Mini' Breeders and its M99 Male

by 5m Editor
1 September 2008, at 10:12am

TUNISIA - Like in any other country in the world, the Tunisian poultry industry is also facing the increased cost of feed ingredients and as a consequence, the feed cost per kilo of chicken meat.

During the Pamed 2008 exhibition held in June at Hammamet, Jean-François Hamon and Dominique Béchet of Hubbard were informed that the main objective of the major producers remains to produce a live broiler of 1,700g at the lowest possible cost.

Jean-François Hamon (Hubbard) meets Mr Ben Ayed, the founding president of Groupe Poulina.

This is directly related to the feed cost, explaining the increased interest of customers for the “mini” breeder female concept using the Hubbard F15 and the Hubbard JV. The use of the “genetic” white Hubbard M99 breeder male is also becoming more significant now.

The Pamed 2008 exhibition was a great success. The Hubbard team had the pleasure to meet most of its major business partners.

Hatem Chabouni (president of the companies Chahia, Savinord, Nutrisud et Medimix); Jean-François Hamon (Hubbard); François Djonou (SOCAVB); Mme Dora Gamou of the Ministry of Agriculture of Cameroun; Jean Paul Fondaottou (Director of IPAVIC "interprofession avicole camerounaise"); Dominique Béchet (Hubbard).

5m Editor