Ukraine's Meat Production up 11 Per Cent

by 5m Editor
22 October 2008, at 8:55am

UKRAINE - There was a 10.9 per cent increase in total meat produced in September compared to the previous month.

According to the last data of official statistics reported by MeatRussia, production volume of meat (including by-products of the first grade) totaled to 78.7 thousand tons in Ukraine in September, i.e. up 10.9%, to compare with the previous month.

Beef production amounted to 13,500 tons (+23.4% in comparison to August 2008), pork production was 10,700 tons (+8.5%), poultry production amounted to 53,200 tons (+8.4%), and production of top-grade by-products reached the rate of 1,100 tons (18.6%). These figures were given by the Ukrainian State Committee for Statistics (Goskomstat) to APK-Inform.

5m Editor