New Controller in Fan Motor

by 5m Editor
18 November 2008, at 10:19am

THE NETHERLANDS - Vostermans has introduced its Trinc-1, a triac controller incorporated in the motor.

Vostermans Ventilation has developed the Trinc-1, a triac controller incorporated in the fan motor.

Trinc-1 incorporated in motor


Through the feed back from the motor to the controller changes in air pressure can easily be corrected.

Consequently, the end user is ensured the number of rotations of the fan per minute is maintained, independent of external wind and/or pressure influences.

Special about the Trinc-1 is that the module is encapsulated through a low-pressure injection technique.

Comparable techniques are used in the automotive industry, where reliability under harsh conditions and compact design are key factors.

As the module is encapsulated, this product has several advantages:

  • Protection against harsh conditions
    • Humidity
    • Mechanical stress
  • High reliability
  • Minimum dimensions for integration in existing applications