EU Inspectors to Visit Ukrainian Poultry Farms

by 5m Editor
24 February 2009, at 9:39am

UKRAINE - European Union officials are scheduled to inspect poultry enterprises later this year with the view to future poultry meat exports from Ukraine to the EU.

Ukraine hopes for inspection of its poultry enterprises by European specialists in the current year with the aim of possible granting a right for poultry meat exports to European Union countries, according to BSANNA News.

"We want our poultry keeping enterprises to be inspected this year," said chairman of Ukraine's State Veterinary Medicine Committee, Petro Verbytsky.

He added that the State Veterinary Medicine Committee is in discussion with its European counterparts.

"If everything goes well, in 2010 we will actually export poultry meat. We are competitive on price," he said.

Presently, Ukraine has a right to export to the EU live horses, fish, powdered eggs and honey.