FSIS Considers New Standards for Broilers

by 5m Editor
10 February 2009, at 9:53am

US - The USDA Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) is considering new standards in the following areas: Salmonella, Campylobacter, zero tolerance for faecal contamination, septicaemia and E. coli.

In a presentation entitled Public Health-Related Performance Standards Currently Under Consideration for Young Chicken, Dr Michele Catlin, Director of the Data Analysis and Integration Group, explained the new performance standards currently under consideration for broilers.

FSIS is considering proposing a number of performance standards directly or indirectly related to public health covering:

  • salmonella
  • campylobacter
  • zero tolerance for faecal contamination
  • septicaemic and toxaemic animal diseases and
  • generic E. coli.

In addition, Dr Catlin said that FSIS is considering other consumer protection performance standards (not focus of this presentation) on standards of identity and non-septicaemic/non-toxaemic animal disease.

Further Reading

- You can view the full presentation by clicking here.