Brazil Set to Expand Meat Imports to Russia

by 5m Editor
16 June 2009, at 10:04am

GLOBAL - Brazil is to expand meat exports to Russia, says Brazil's Agriculture Minister, Reinhold Stephanes.

The confirmation comes from the Minister of Agriculture Reinhold Stephanes which reported on the official Brazilian Mission to Russia between 2 and 8 June, according to FoodBizDaily.

After meeting with Russian Minister of Agriculture, Elena Skinnik, Mr Stephanes announced the Russian government's decision to authorise nine meat processing plants in Santa Catarina state to export meat products to Russia.

During his trip, Mr Stephanes also discussed with Russian authorities the expansion of pre-determined export quotas of Brazilian meats such as poultry and pork.

"I am forwarding a note to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva regarding this negotiation since he has a scheduled meeting with Mr Dmitry Medvedey – head of the Russian state – on the 16th," he said. The intention, according to Mr Stephanes, is that the expansion on the quotas be effective by 2010.

Today, Brazil is part of the annual meat export quota to Russia that includes other countries. In 2008, Brazil's share was fixed in 193,000 tons for pork meat and 68,000 tons for poultry. In 2009, this amount fell to 177,500 tons for pork meat and 12,400 tons for poultry. Only the United States and the European Union have exclusive quotas established by Russia's government, reports FoodBizDaily.