Association Sets Target of 32m Birds

by 5m Editor
24 July 2009, at 6:42am

ZAMBIA - The Poultry Association of Zambia has set a target output of 32 million chickens by next year.

The Times of Zambia reports that the poultry sector has targeted the production of more than 32 million birds per year by 2010, Poultry Association of Zambia executive manager Mathews Ngosa has said.

Mr Ngosa said the anticipated improvement in crop production would increase the availability of raw materials for the production of stock feed locally.

Once the stock feed floods the market, prices would stabilise and this would encourage increased production.

"The sector is targeting more than 32 million birds by next year but this would depend on the stability in stock feed prices which would encourage increased production," Mr Ngosa said.

The sector experienced difficulties that affected growth last year and only managed to produce less than 22 million birds, against the annual production target of 26 million.

Mr Ngosa said the poultry faced a lot of challenges last year because of the high cost of production.

He said the sector would not venture into the export market this year until production improves.

Mr Ngosa told The Times that a number of players in the poultry industry had temporarily suspended production due to the shortage of soya beans, the main ingredient in the production of stock feed.