New Coating Claimed to Cut Disease Costs

by 5m Editor
28 July 2009, at 6:06am

IRAN - Scientists says that a new coating, Nanofarm 1000, can help cut production costs.

A commercial coating called Nanofarm 1000 has been produced by Iranian scientists to help the commercial poultry industry by preventing the spread of lethal poultry diseases, according to the Fars news agency.

According to the Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative, the nanocoating provides healthy and proper ventilation by removing pollutant gases and its antifungal and antibacterial activities. It is produced by Nanopac Persia Co. in Iran.

This product not only prevents the spread of lethal poultry diseases but also improves welfare of the chicks and growth environment.

As providing proper ventilation system is one of the major problems challenging poultry production industries since their formation, this product has been recently offered to the Iranian markets instead of batteries generally available in poultry houses and successfully passed quality tests of Pasteur Institutes of Iran, affiliated to the Iranian Ministry of Health.

Housing large flocks of hens densely indoors brings about problems like pollutant gases due to decomposition of organic wastes, increase in microbial load and stinking unbearable odours.

Nanopac Persia Co. experts describe the application of Nanofarm 1000 as a trustworthy investment choice that leads to considerable cost reductions and economic gains.