Saudi Arabia Reduces Chicken Import Tariff

by 5m Editor
27 August 2009, at 9:18am

BRAZIL - Aside from the fact that the Saudi government has not made any announcement regarding an eventual embargo on imports of Brazilian chicken, the Brazilian ambassador to Riyadh, Sérgio Luiz Canaes, yesterday told ANBA that in June, Saudi Arabia reduced the tariff on poultry imports from 20 per cent to 5 per cent, in keeping with the country’s process of adapting to the regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

On Sunday, newspaper Al Yaum, from the Saudi province of Dammam, published an article informing that local farmers requested the government to suspend imports of chicken from Brazil based on allegations of dumping.

Mr Canaes attempted to calm down the Brazilian exporters and stated that the complaint is a recurring one, and that so far the Saudi government has not given in to pressures of this kind. The diplomat also claimed that if there were the intention of imposing an embargo, the embassy would already have been officially notified, which is not the case.