Angola's Producers Aim to Meet Demand

by 5m Editor
16 October 2009, at 9:01am

ANGOLA - Farmers in Sumbe City are planning to increase production of poultry meat and eggs.

Poultry breeders in Sumbe City, central Kwanza- Sul Province, want to increase entrepreneurial and commercial poultry breeding in this region, reports AngolaPress.

According to poultry prodicer, Manuel Fonseca, the re-launch of these activities brings about advantages, such as increase in eggs and poultry production, thus meeting the demand.

Domingos Pombolo said it is important to reinforce the production in order to supply the market.

He said that the Aldeia Nova farming project has been contributing to the production of eggs and poultries, adding that it is important to extend private initiative to other localities.