Alpharma (Belgium) Opens New Delhi Branch Office

INDIA - On 21 November, the New Delhi Branch Office of Alpharma (Belgium) BVBA was opened in New Delhi.
calendar icon 24 November 2009
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Alpharma (Belgium) BVBA is responsible for the sales and marketing of the Alpharma products in Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

In order to support the important and fast growing Indian market in a more efficient and customised way, Alpharma decided to establish a Branch Office in New Delhi.

The Indian Branch Office will be headed by Dr Tapan Saha, Branch Manager. Dr Saha will head a team of an office assistant and two Technical Managers. Together with Dr Saha, the team will continue to implement the Alpharma solution selling philosophy by a strong technical approach of the Indian market.

Alpharma's new Branch Office in New Delhi

The New Delhi Branch Office can be reached at:
Alpharma (Belgium) BVBA, New Delhi Branch Office
Unit 114, First floor, Rectangle - 1, District Centre Saket, New Delhi - 110017(India)
Telephone: +91 11 47363636; Fax: +91 11 47363635

Alpharma is a worldwide leader in the treatment and prevention of diseases in food producing animals, with a particular strength in enteric and respiratory diseases. The company has a broad portfolio of proprietary products with strong brand recognition and enjoys a solid relationship with its customers. The majority of its products are taken orally, going into feed rather than being administered on an individual basis, and Alpharma is a global leader in medicated feed additives.

Alpharma's portfolio in India consists of the following in-feed animal health products:

  • Albac is the original Zinc Bacitracin with a proven track record of lowering feed consumption and improving feed conversion ratio in poultry.
  • BMD (bacitracin methylene disalicilate) is available in a granulated presentation, to be used as an aid in the prevention and control of necrotic enteritis in poultry in feed.
  • The chlortetracycline medicated premix, Chlormax, is used in the treatment of enteric, respiratory and systemic diseases in poultry. Due to the unique granulation process, the chlortetracyline is contained within the granules, keeping the active ingredient stable in the product and available to the target animals. It ensures minimizing dust whilst allowing even distribution, accurate dosing and reducing cross-contamination and segregation within the feed.
  • For the control of coccidiosis in poultry, Alpharma has the widest range of products on the market comprising all four different types of anticoccidials: the monovalent ionophore salinomycin (Bio-Cox), the divalent ionophore lasalocid (Avatec), the monovalent glycoside ionophore maduramicin (Rovigro), including maduramicin in combination with the chemical nicarbazin (Gromax) and the chemical anticoccidial robenidin (Roviclin).

Alpharma is unique in offering products from each of these four groups, and is thus able to provide a product which fits into every stage of coccidiosis control programs, allowing effective rotation from one product family to another to prevent resistance build up.

Alpharma intends to bring more products to the Indian market over the next few months.

Alpharms wishes Dr Saha and his team all the best in establishing this Branch Office in the challenging Indian market.

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