Gambian Farmer Urges Poultry Farming Venture

by 5m Editor
12 November 2009, at 9:06am

GAMBIA - Samsideen Jammeh, a poultry farmer at Makumbaya village in the Kombo North District of the country's Western region, has called on Gambians to venture into poultry farming.

Mr Jammeh made this call recently in his poultry farm while chatting with the Daily Observer. He added that Gambians should venture into the enterprise, as it would help in the drive against hunger in the country.

Mr Jammeh disclosed that many misconstrued President Jammeh's back to the land call to mean only farming. According to him, President Jammeh's back to the land call involves all agricultural aspect, including poultry farming, animal husbandry and plant and crop cultivation.

He revealed that he started poultry farming in 2006, with 100 birds and at the sametime, he was cultivating water melon and okra on a large scale. Noting, when he started the poultry farming he didn't encounter much difficulties except for the procuring of the chicken feeds before the birds started laying eggs. "I took the job seriously and managed the venture with my family, because I believed that I will succeed," he noted.

According to him, he kept his first 100 consignment for 20 months and later sold them and got 500 birds. "As you know the demand for chicken, meat and eggs in The Gambia is very high, threfore I am urging every Gambian farmer to also venture into the industry," he remarked. He concluded by saying if given the financial support, he would expand as he has all the required facilities.

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