Recognising Prior Learning in the Poultry Industry

AUSTRALIA - Poultry CRC initiated a study of the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process and how it can be applied more effectively for people involved in poultry production. An update is published in the latest issue of eChook News.
calendar icon 5 November 2009
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In 2006, the Poultry CRC contracted a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), to look at the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process and how it can be applied more effectively for people involved in poultry production.

Susan Gleeson, Julie Roberts and Michael Williams at the Poultry CRC in Armidale

Over the last three years, the CRC, in conjunction with Farm Gate Training & Consulting (the RTO) and Michael Williams (a training consultant), have worked collaboratively in testing the methods for RPL throughout the poultry industry.

"Recognition of Prior Learning can often be a confusing process for industry people who are thinking about obtaining a qualification using this method," said Farm Gate Training's Susan Gleeson.

"More often then not, people who have been in the industry for an extended period have many skills and an abundance of knowledge that is not officially recognised through a qualification or piece of paper."

"The RPL process recognises that the skills and knowledge you have is equal to or greater than an expectation that is attached to achieving a qualification and hence the RPL process commences."

The team is currently testing the process on a free range egg farm at a Certificate II level.

"After some testing of this group, it's been identified that not all units are able to be assessed under RPL," explained Susan.

"Therefore, some 'gap' training (face-to-face workshops) has taken place. We've also conducted a number of Diploma and Certificate IV with meat chicken farms."

Of course, when considering RPL, many people don’t know if it is the correct choice for them and their staff. To assist with this situation, the CRC's team is also identifying a consultation process where training needs are discussed and areas for training and training delivery styles are identified.

"We have had the opportunity to test this process with a turkey farm and will continuously modify this process with the more consultations we conduct," said Susan.

When a person seeks Recognition of Prior Learning, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Why do I want this qualification?
  • How will this qualification assist me in the future?
  • What is the purpose of this qualification?

Every qualification is made up of a number of units (subject areas), e.g., a Diploma might have 10 units. When making your selection of units you need to identify your strengths and base your selection on this. This will assist the whole process to run smoothly as you need to collect 'evidence' to establish your competence.

If you have any queries on the RPL process, please do not hesitate to contact the CRC on (02) 6773 3051 or Farm Gate Training & Consulting on (02) 9317 5770.

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