Report Highlights Complexity of Food Safety Rules

by 5m Editor
23 December 2009, at 8:27am

AUSTRALIA - A report from the Productivity Commission has called for a simplification of food safety standards across the country.

A lack of national food safety standards in the poultry and red meat industries has come under fire in a Productivity Commission report, according to ABC.

There are different food safety rules in each state, and the Commission says there has only been slow progress to develop national standards for primary industry and processing.

Associate Commissioner, Paul Coghlan, says that the lack of a national regulation makes it difficult for large companies and producers.

He told ABC: "You would hope that in a country like Australia there would be one set of rules for the whole nation, but they differ in all states.

"Any operation across more than one state – or even within one state, you can get different ways the rules are interpreted. A lot of producers struggle with different regulatory regimes."