New Products from Vostermans at VIV Europe 2010

NETHERLANDS - At VIV Europe 2010, Vostermans Ventilation will take the opportunity to present a wide variety of new products. With 'specialist in air' as its core business, the company develops to fulfill the demands of the agricultural ventilation market.
calendar icon 1 April 2010
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Optimal minimum ventilation with the new Multifan Casing Fan 92

above: Multifan Casing Fan 92
below: Master-5 Digital climate controller

To support the minimum ventilation in the poultry houses, Vostermans Ventilation introduces the Multifan Casing Fan 92, which is characterized by a compact design and which is delivered as a complete unit, easy to install. The direct driven, on/off fan is more efficient and needs less maintenance compared to belt driven fans. The fan is supplied with a new type of shutter which reduces air and light entrance from outside. The Multifan Casing Fan 92 consists of a solid construction and is warranted for three years.

Master-5 Digital climate controller

The Master-5 is a main controller, to which simple 0-10V modules, e.g. triac or frequency controller, can be connected. The Master-5 enables through a 0-10V signal, continuous variable climate control, based on temperature. It offers the possibility to control a heater and an alarm. Minimum and maximum ventilation level is adjustable. The Master-5 is equipped with an auto cooling down correction, two programmable 0-10V output signals. One of the options is to connect several modules, to control and drive fans, transformers, winch motors and valves.

Motorised Inlet Shutter

Vostermans Ventilation puts an inlet shutter on the market for agricultural and industrial applications. This motorised inlet shutter causes air to enter the room in a controlled manner. The shutter opens in the desired position via a 0-10 Volt signal. In the fully open position, a relatively large amount of air, in comparison to traditional air intake systems, will flow into the room. However, in closed position the shutter lets almost no air and light through. Because the motor is mounted on the inside of the shutter, installation is easy. The double bearing suspension of the louvers ensures a long life.

Relink-3i: Electronic air inlet controller

The Relink-3i enables the control of a motor driven air inlet or curtain based on a 0-10V input signal. The Relink-3i can control winch motors with and without potentiometer feedback. With potentiometer feedback the position of the valve is determined by the value of the potentiometer. Without this feedback the position is based on the running time of the valve.

Built-in modules for control panels

For integration in control panels a number of various modules are available: Frelink-4f (single phase frequency control), Trilink-2t (triac controller), Relink-2s and 2c (electronic step controller) and STW & STD (step transformers). The main advantage for control panel producers is that the modules are composed according to the 'Plug and Play' principle; easy and fast integration without any rest materials. Not only the purchase of unnecessary parts is avoided, time-saving is also effected through the universal module composition. The controls are applicable for both new and existing systems.

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