Govt Intervention Needed to Stabilise Chick Price

by 5m Editor
2 July 2010, at 12:34pm

BANGLADESH - Bangladesh Poultry Farm Protection National Council early this week demanded that the government ensure the sale of day-old layer and broiler chicks at the price set earlier to protect the poultry industry.

The organisation claimed that the animal/wildlife resources directorate asked the hatchery owners to sell day-old chicks at BDT32 (US$0.45) and broiler at BDT30 ($0.43).

The decision was to be made effective from 15 June but the hatchery owners are defying the government order by selling layer and broiler chicks for BDT 65 to70 ($0.93 to 1.00). Poultry farmers are incurring huge losses as a result, reports Asian Agribiz.