Hubbard Signs Agreement with Granja Planalto

BRAZIL - Following the completion of the investment in it own farms and hatcheries, Hubbard has further strengthened its presence in the Brazilian market through the recently signed agreement with Granja Planalto for the production and distribution of the Hubbard FLEX parent stock package.
calendar icon 24 August 2010
clock icon 4 minute read

Hubbard breeders, since 2005 a subsidiary of Group Grimaud (the second largest multispecies breeding company in the world), has developed different products for various markets and has established many partnerships around the world, including Brasil.

Granja Planalto, one of the major parent stock distributors in Brasil, recently has terminated the distribution of a competitor’s product and has signed an agreement with Hubbard do Brasil for the production and distribution of the Hubbard Flex Female and the Hubbard M99 Male, which have shown outstanding results in various companies in Brasil. With its long-time experience and technical knowledge Granja Planalto will continue to support its existing customers together with the Hubbard team and will also look for the possibilities to deliver new customers.

Since its foundation in 2007, Hubbard do Brasil, a subsidiary of Hubbard SAS in France, has invested in new farms and hatcheries in Goïas (Luziânia) in order to produce and supply Hubbard breeding stock for the local and for export markets.

The first Hubbard Flex females and Hubbard M99 males were placed in 2008 in Brazil. Since then this breeder package has demonstrated in various companies, producing for the domestic and export markets, its great technical advantages as a result of its unique breeding & genetic improvement program system.

The partnership between Hubbard and Granja Planalto, answers to the increased demand for the Hubbard Flex package in Brazil and also allows for export to Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia. Some, specified customers will continue to be supplied directly by Hubbard do Brasil.

Hubbard has committed itself in bringing the most advanced genetics to Brasil and confirms with this agreement its strategy to establish a strong base in South America and to contribute to the development of one of the most dynamic poultry industries in the world.

The Hubbard Flex parent female is a good breeder with good production, persistency and correct egg size. When mated with the Hubbard M99 male, the broilers show exceptional technical performances resulting in the lowest live cost seen in the market. Sales of the M99 male in the USA now represent already 40 per cent of the market, confirming its exceptional genetic potential of this parent male.

Olivier Behaghel, Hubbard SAS Director for Brasil and for Global Planning, explains: “Hubbard will now be able to meet the growing demand for Hubbard Flex parent stock in Brasil and export markets. We will continue to supply specific customers, such as cooperatives, and continue to develop partnerships with operations requesting grand parents for their own needs."

Minoru Miyasaka, General Manager of Hubbard do Brasil, ads: “This agreement between the 2 companies will bring major benefits for the Brazilian market. The high genetic potential of the Hubbard Flex female and the M99 male produced in brand new operations along with the long experience of Granja Planalto in distributing parent stock, will offer the Brazilian poultry industry an excellent and competitive choice.

Mauro de Freitas Pereira, vice-president of Granja Planalto, expresses his great satisfaction with the recognition of Granja Planalto by signing this important agreement with Hubbard. ”This deal will allow us to offer our customers in Brasil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia the best broiler breeder package existing in the world market."

Carlos Antônio Costas, director of Granja Planalto, declared: “Brasil was expecting this alternative for years. Hubbard had invested locally and results have been confirmed in the field. Now we can offer this unique genetic package, which shows significant advantages in feed conversion, giving the lowest broiler live cost to our customers”.

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