Government Raises Chicken Prices

by 5m Editor
20 September 2010, at 11:43am

PHILIPPINES - Poultry producers have succeeded in getting the government to raise chicken reference prices to account for rising production costs.

Poultry producers, market vendors and the government last week agreed on a higher reference price of 100 pesos (PHP) per kilo of unbranded dressed chicken and PHP110 per kilo of branded chicken, and following complaints that chicken prices were too low, an official said over the weekend.

Manila Standard Today reports Agriculture Secretary, Proceso Alcala, saying: "Dressed chicken sold under certain labels such as Magnolia and Bounty Fresh will carry a higher price tag."

Dressed chicken now sells at PHP120 a kilogram, according to the Agriculture Statistics Bureau.

The new reference price was agreed after poultry raisers complained that the live weight price of chicken was PHP48 per kilo, which was way below their production cost of PHP60 a kilo.

The breeders told a meeting last week that the low prices for chicken were the result of an oversupply but they would "police their ranks" to prevent a production glut.