Kuwait Institute Develops Alternative to Antibiotics

by 5m Editor
23 September 2010, at 8:43am

KUWAIT - The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has launched a new project to develop products based on lactic acid bacteria as alternatives to antibiotics with the aim to boost poultry production safety.

A scientific researcher at KISR announced yesterday (22 September) that the increasing consumption of meat and poultry in the last period has led the Institute to start a project aiming to improve food safety and production in Kuwait.

The researcher, Mohammed Balba told the Kuwait News Agency that KISR started the project to isolate strains of lactic acid bacteria to use as an alternative to antibiotics in poultry production. Dr Balba explained that these bacteria are highly effective for the production of commercial preparations as an alternative to antibiotics in poultry production.

He noted that the project team succeeded in isolating 76 strains of the lactic bacteria acid, as well as collected samples from the intestines of chickens from three poultry farms in Kuwait and most of these breeds are characterised as not composed of bacteria. He said the team will proceed to the next process of testing and evaluating these isolated strains using DNA sequencing technology.