Focus on Petersime's Business in Southeast Asia

SOUTH-EAST ASIA - Petersime first started expanding its activities into Southeast Asia more than 30 years ago. By now, Petersime incubators are running in virtually every corner of the region. Local sales, logistics and after-sales services are covered by a network of professionally organised agents.
calendar icon 11 April 2011
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In recent years, Petersime witnessed a number of remarkable tendencies in the Southeast Asian hatchery business. To start with, hatcheries have become significantly larger and more integrated, which requires a different approach.

From the very early stages of the hatchery project up until its full operation, a lot of information, experience and advice is to be shared with clients. The Petersime Project Department helps Southeast Asian clients to make the right decisions.

Secondly, more and more local hatcheries have embraced our Embryo-Response IncubationTM technology in the course of the past decade. Today, it enjoys a widespread use in both small and large hatcheries all over the continent. Leading integrators are selecting S-line incubators because of enhanced chick quality, significantly higher broiler performance, increased hygiene standards and labour efficiency. Other features such as reliability and reduced energy consumption are also increasingly taken into consideration.

Petersime eyes a promising future for the Southeast Asian poultry business, since its population, and, consequently, its consumption of chicken meat, are growing steadily. Petersime will continue to take part in the expansion of the continent’s hatchery industry by improving its strategic presence and customer support and by further developing its patented Embryo-Response Incubation technology.

Some major hatchery projects in Southeast Asia

Most of the hatcheries of poultry giant, Leong Hup, in Malaysia have recently been refurbished with BioStreamerTM incubators. Leong Hup, the country's undisputed market leader, has always been keen to use the latest incubation technology, since chick quality and uniformity are keys to success in a large poultry integration.

Federal Flour Mills, another fast growing poultry integrator in Malaysia, has chosen Petersime's Embryo-Response Incubation technology for its new state-of-the- art hatchery. As a part of the PPB Group, FFM always goes for the highest performing equipment and a professional after-sales organisation.

The Wonokoyo Group is one of the largest Indonesian poultry integrators. By ordering Petersime's BioStreamer incubators for the two new hatcheries that are now being built in Sukabumi and Nganjuk, Wonokoyo has once more proven its faith in Petersime's technology.

One of the leading and fastest growing poultry companies in the Philippines, Bounty Fresh Food Inc., has chosen Petersime for the major expansion of its Tarlac broiler hatchery. This hatchery was among the first in the Philippines to use the latest BioStreamer incubators, fully equipped with Petersime's patented Embryo-Response Incubation technology.

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