NFU: Success Depends on Welfare Board Members

by 5m Editor
28 April 2011, at 9:22am

UK - The NFU has today responded to Defra’s announcement on the creation of a new animal health and welfare board.

President Peter Kendall said, “The NFU had long-called for more industry participation in Defra policy on animal health and welfare issues.

“We expressed some reservations about the recommendations in the independent review of responsibility and cost sharing, which was carried out by an advisory group chaired by Rosemary Radcliffe,” he added.

“Today’s announcement goes some way to addressing those concerns. We see members of the board will be made up of seven or eight external people, giving farmers and other animal health experts the chance to ensure industry views are not only heard but included in future policy-making.

“I believe that the success of this new venture will depend greatly on the quality of those individuals appointed to the board and how well the board then engages with industry.

“The NFU has committed to working with Defra to ensure the appropriate structures are put in place to enable the board to engage properly with industry and to take account of – and act on - its views.

“We will continue to hold government to account on animal health and welfare issues and in particular how the budget is funded.”

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