Fly Problem Causes Poultry Farm Closure

by 5m Editor
3 May 2011, at 8:22am

PHILIPPINES - The Mayor of Panabo Mayor has suspended production at a primary poultry breeder, alleging a severe housefly problem, and he has ordered inspections at all other farms.

Panabo City Mayor, Jose Silvosa, has suspended a poultry farm operation and ordered an inter-agency inspection of all poultry in the city, according to a local news agency.

He imposed the order since last week following the findings released by an inter-agency team which had found numerous violations of Prime Breeder Poultry Farm owned by Richard Gramaje.

Mayor Silvosa led an the inter-agency meeting held last week at the City Mayor conference room inviting the owner of primary breeder which allegedly caused the spread of houseflies particularly in the city.