Interest in Cage-Free Systems at Fima Ganadera

by 5m Editor
20 May 2011, at 11:48am

SPAIN - Between 15 and 18 March, Vencomatic attended the Fima Ganadera exhibition in Zaragoza.

The exhibition was well visited.

The main topic during the exhibition is the 2012 deadline for the cage ban. The issue was much talked about, especially the alternatives to cages were heavily debated upon. Many people came to the exhibition with specific questions about the possibilities to replace cages. Both aviary systems and traditional barn/free range systems (nests and slats/perches) received a good deal of attention, but also enriched cages were part of the discussion.

Questions were also raised about how to manage birds in these modern housing systems and which conditions are important for success.

Another important question that was also discussed during the exhibition was how the Spanish egg market will develop in the light of the changes the cage ban brings with, an answer that the future will bring us.