New Use for CID Lines' Product

by 5m Editor
24 June 2011, at 9:37am

UK - Virocid is being used to disinfect chopped straw/shavings at a number of chopped straw plants supplying major UK poultry integrators.

The objective is to reduce the bacterial challenge posed by these materials and the potential for a detrimental impact on the birds. UK vets have identified that VIROCID is very effective at reducing the bacterial load.

The methodology being implemented sees VIROCID applied at a five per cent concentration and using 12 litres of solution per tonne. The solution is applied as a spray directly onto the straw as it passes through the hopper at the chopped straw plant.

There are no concerns with the increase in moisture content on the basis of the volume of 12 litres of solution per tonne: this is a relatively small volume compared to both the volume and the surface area treated. In addition, chopped straw has a natural moisture content of 12 to 16 per cent so adding 1.2 per cent has no significant impact on total moisture content and VIROCID is proving an effective fungicide at this application rate.