Chelated Trace Minerals Maximise Bioavailability

US - Mintrex chelated trace minerals help poultry producers maximise tissue integrity and egg shell strength, according to Novus.
calendar icon 10 August 2011
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Poultry producers are well aware of the critical importance of proper nutrition in maximising animal health and productivity. What may be less obvious, however, is the contribution of chelated trace minerals to such vital traits as tissue integrity and egg shell strength.

Dr Scott Carter, Global Poultry Market Manager for Novus, explained: "When trace minerals such as copper, manganese and zinc are used in feed at recommended levels, animals are enabled to perform to their genetic potential. But when these trace minerals are deficient, the results are lower reproduction, depressed immune system response, lower bone density, reduced feed efficiency, poor health and increased mortality"

The challenge for nutritionists has always been to provide the most bioavailable trace minerals possible. Novus has accomplished just that with Mintrex® chelated trace minerals.

Dr Carter continued: "Mintrex has been demonstrated to have improved bioavailability and digestive tract stability. It also has a residual methionine effect that can reduce the required level of supplemental methionine per ton of feed."

The benefits of minerals are not limited to improving the health of the bird; they make the egg produced by the bird better, too. Maintaining trace mineral balances supports shell strength, the internal structure of the egg and the tissue integrity of the unhatched chick. As laying hens age, mineral nutrition plays an increasingly important role, ensuring continued production of plentiful, high-quality eggs and the overall well-being of the hen. Optimal nutrition translates into optimal performance.

A trial comparing the Mintrex feeding programme with a normal feeding programme showed improved egg shell quality late in lay, as well as improved egg weights without compromising shell strength. In addition, poultry fed with Mintrex displayed improved joint health; leg and bone strength; as well as skin quality.

As a highly bioavailable mineral source, Mintrex is absorbed and used by the animal to a much greater degree than inorganic trace mineral supplements. This means producers can maintain feeding efficiency with fewer minerals fed and excreted.

Dr Carter added: "Only Mintrex consistently delivers more essential trace minerals to the bird while also providing methionine. That translates into healthier birds, more-efficient yields and ultimately, better bottom-line profits."

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