Cockerel Combs Extract as a Novel Food

by 5m Editor
4 August 2011, at 8:02am

UK - A group of scientists appointed by the Food Standards Agency is looking into an application from a Spanish company for approval to market cockerel combs extract as a novel food ingredient.

A cockerel’s comb (referred to by the company as a rooster’s comb) is the large fleshy red skin on top of the cockerel’s head.

The company, Bioiberica, says that rooster combs have been consumed in some European countries as part of traditional dishes.

The company also says that rooster combs extract is rich in sodium hyaluronate.

The company plans to add the extract to dairy foods, including milk-based fermented beverages, milks, yoghurts and fromage frais.

Now, the independent committee is seeking views on the experts findings.