NFU Organised DEFRA Organic Team Visit

by 5m Editor
21 October 2011, at 8:36am

UK - On 11 September, the DEFRA organic team – Robin Fransella and James Winpenny – visited Grassington Rangers in East Sussex with the aim to share the impact of the proposed changes to the EU legislation on organic feed and pullets between DEFRA, organic producers and the NFU.

The Grassington Rangers group was established by Mr and Mrs Barton in 1985 and is made up of four laying farms and three pullet rearing units. The group consists of over 70,000 organic laying hens that produce around 21 million free-range and organic eggs annually. These eggs are produced predominantly for the UK retail sector, however some are also sold directly from the farm. Unlike many producers the Grassington group produce their own part-organic pullet replacements. Over the past five years, the Grassington group have invested approximately £3 million in their organic enterprise.

The group begun the day at Susie Macmillan's farm, where a number of the group's organic laying hens are housed. The farm consists of four different houses some of which are split into two, which ensures that each flock on the farm is less than 3,000 birds.

The day was a great success and allowed the DEFRA team to understand how the changes to organic feed regulations and the end of the part-organic derogation will affect organic producers. Click here to find out more about these changes.

NFU members can find out more by clicking here.