Award for High-Tech Equipment Firm

by 5m Editor
7 November 2011, at 9:19am

MINNESOTA, US - Nova-Tech Engineering of Willmar, which designs, manufactures and services precision-processing equipment for poultry hatcheries around the globe, was named the advanced-manufacturing award recipient at the 2011 Tekne Awards last week by the Minnesota High Tech Association.

The association presented 14 Tekne Awards to the 'best and brightest' in development, commercialisation and management of state-based technology, including for small and growing businesses (less than $50 million) and established businesses (annual revenues of $50 million or more), reports Star Tribune.

Nova-Tech's patented 'microwave claw processor' uses microwave technology to isolate and treat the claw-development tissue on a hatchling and its 'poultry services processor' vaccinates and treats the tip of the beak tissue with high-intensity infrared energy, preventing damaging pecking behaviour.