Japanese Visitors See Chicken Products in the Making

by 5m Editor
23 January 2012, at 9:03am

US - A party sponsored by Matsusaka Farms in Japan was given an insight into the creation of new consumer products when they were shown around the Tyson Discovery Center during a visit to the US chicken industry.

The group, which included two from Matsusaka, one from their parent company Itochu and the seven from their customers, also visited broiler farms and heard about the latest developments in the Cobb research programme.

Standing -Gail Thorp, Hiroaki Harada, Keisuke Shinoyama, Katsuaki Murakami, Hidetoshi Nagoe, Ken Ishii, Yasuo Jumonji, Charles Calvert; Bottom row Katsuhiko Yamashita, Takaji Shimizu, Hitoshi Uda, Toru Kichikawa

Yasuo Jumonji, president of Jumonji Chicken Co, commented: "We learned a lot from Cobb and appreciate the time their management spent with us. The Japanese market is for 3kg broilers, all cut up and with most of the profits coming from thigh meat. The market is benefiting from the continuing progress of the Cobb 500."

Charles Calvert, Cobb director of sales and technical services for Asia, added: "It?s great to have customers visit our operations and introduce them to some of the latest trends in housing and production ? ideas they can take back and incorporate into their businesses to improve both their productivity and profitability."