LIMA Serving the Industry with New Separators

by 5m Editor
29 February 2012, at 11:42am

FRANCE - After a busy 2010 with IFFA and the sale of the 1000th separator produced by LIMA in Quimper, the 4th agents’ sales meeting took place in 2011 with the gathering in Quimper of more than 50 distributors from the 5 continents.

Together with the celebration of the 30th jubilee of the Company founded in 1981.

In 2011, LIMA reached a new sales record with also a record number of separators and deboners set in operation at customers on poultry, pork, beef and fish products.

LIMA has been extending his offer in meat bones separators, deboners and desinewers range with the introduction of a new model as to optimize the coverage of all the whole market segments in terms of raw material input capacity.

Specific development "DD" for new niche of market such as chicken V bones white meat desinewer also proved to be a success in Europe and overseas.

"Our vision is to continue to serve the meat industry in improving our technology," concluded the Management in an address to the guests at the Jubilee ceremony dinner.